Education System has failed to succeed in America


Why the education system has failed to succeed in America?

The education system America is failing to properly educate the youth. American students test lower than average compared to students from other countries. Every country on earth at the moment is reforming public education there are two reason for it . the first is economic people trying to to find how how to educate our children to take their places in the economics on the first 21st century. Given that we can’t anticipate what the economic will look like at the end of the next week. As the recent terms that how do we do that. Second one is culture how do we educate our children to have a sense of culture identity . From where our children came to know where I am from. The problem is they doing what they did in the past The alienating millions of kids. They don’t tell what is the purpose of going to school. They just tell to damp to do hard work do well go to college and after that find a job. But our kids don’t believe that! If you have a better degree but you don’t have 100% of job. The problem is design and conceive for a different age .It was conceived in the intellectual culture of the enlightenment. And in the economic circumstances all the industries revolution. Before in the middle of 19 century there is no system of public education. But public education is paid by taxation and compulsory for everyone and it’s free of cost it was considered as a Revolutionary idea. But many people have objection on it they said it is impossible for Street children of working class parents to send their kids to school. Incapable of learning to read and write I don’t have time for study because they are spending day time from where they get some money. So after examine all these conditions peace education system is driven by an economic imperative of the time. He gave the intellectual model of the mind. This system is based on capability of mind . So they came with an idea of academic ability. So after that define there are two types of people one is academic and another is non academic. smart people and non smart people. So basically we have to system one is economic and second intellctual and this model can cause chaos. Foursome people this system is beneficial but for some this sysytem is not working . So modern epidemic came which is as misplaced as fictitious. Can’t understand what is going on. American standardized education system is antiquated and outdated. It was original design to train the general population to be busy little workers bees during the industrial revolution. Despite the fact it has been hundred years since the public education model was put into the place it was changed very little. There is no changes from last some years only few changes are taken places. After all all the changes we have done in our technology and computers why we don’t have advancement in the public education system? answer of that question is debateable but there are certain contributing factors that cannot be denied . there are alternative to public education such as private schools or alternative schools. But the parents with a lot of money are only afford that type of school for their children’s. Private schools don’t guarantee a better better education. More simply more money does not equal a better education. better access to outside resources and tutors? But the type of Institution itself does not seem to matter. So at last if parents are not satisfied with private schools they only have 1 last option to have home school for their children’s.

To home school or not to Home School that is the question?

The children’s who are homeschool score higher on aptitude test then their Public School counterparts by a considerable margin. this result vary depending on how involveved and dedicated the parents are in regard of their self educating their children. Homeschooling affords children many wonderful opportunities to socialize all the negative De socializing experience that children in traditional schools of an encounter. Media coverage of bullying, teasing gang, violence physical abuse in Public School is abudant. So therefore homeschool is a proper alternative for those who don’t care of such socialization. Not only low level education does not even come close to properly preparing student for college. Since love learning college seem to be perfect place for young individuals. So at last the American education system is working fine according to its original design. People also need to realise they have options as far as educating their children’s . For example, in some States children’s are not required to attend school until the age of 12. So that is no longer an option once A parent agrees to enroll their children into a public school. Then it becomes manadtory and parents face incarceration and other penalties if they refuse to send thier child to school.